When two people are fond of one another, there is no one true way for them to bond! We can meet and let things unfold, or you can share your interests with me and we can discuss how I can best complement them. I'm versatile, I'm an open book, and I take incredible delight in the company of a gentleman; that's an assured recipe for a merry time! I'm confident that whatever we decide will enrich us both.

Availability & Schedule

I am available by appointment in New York, NY (and able to travel internationally). It pains me when life's obligations interfere with friend time, but with a fair amount of notice, I can make adjustments to accommodate. 


$1,000: A one hour meeting. The pleasure of a rendezvous, synopsized.  Many find it ideal for first meetings or busy schedules.

$1,300: Two hours of camaraderie for those occasions when there's time for leisure. Perfect for a visit with more opportunities to explore in private, or to catch up over nibbles and drinks before we retire into seclusion. $650 is requested for each subsequent hour, should there be occasion to extend 🙂

$4,000: An evening-to-morning engagement with possibilities too numerous to list! When two people are enjoying one another so immensely, it can be criminal to limit that enjoyment to a handful of hours. I'm happy to make myself available for extended connections if so inclined.

Reaching Me

Use the form below to send me a message (or by emailing if you prefer). You've seen quite a bit of me by now, so there's no need to be overly formal!  Just introduce yourself and tell me as much as you can about the details of our meet. We'll correspond and arrange the details.  Until we meet...