About Me

This website is dedicated to the unearthing of secret passions and finding a safe place in which to explore them. I find it deeply satisfying to engage with another and leave him or her in a better place. A series of epiphanies followed by a period of intimate unearthing that followed would lead me to where I am now; presenting myself to you hoping that our interests might coincide with one another!

This is a pastime for which I'm well suited: The camaraderie, the opportunity to enrich and be enriched intellectually, the access to enlightened and informed perspectives...it's both an education and pleasure.

A varying palate of interests and passions make me the perfect companion for just about anyone. Not to mention I'm very friendly and organically accommodating of others. My company has been described as refreshing and soothing, and I can't say that I disagree!

Review my physical attributes and photos here. And if you find cause to engage, reach me to make arrangements....